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Fiancée Visa / Marriage Visa Process

you can contact us via email, office phone, cell phone or Line Messenger and we will respond to you within 24 hours

1. Contact us

via phone or email. We will give you all necessary information, review your profile, and recommend you which type of visa is suited for you

2. Contact your fiancé or wife

We will contact your Thai partner and give some information and inform her of a list of documents that he/she needs to prepare for starting the visa process

3. Meeting

we will meet with your Thai partner and get all of the information needed and complete a visa application form within one day. Collect and check all necessary documents that the US visa department requires.

4. Submit to USCIS

if you don’t have an opportunity to join our meeting, then we will send the visa application to your mailing address in the USA. Check and sign the application form, which you will fill in with your complete information and forward the package to USCIS

5. NOA1 (Received notice)

USCIS will give you the 1st notice and later on with the 2nd notice of approval. Fiancé visas will take 4-6 months. Marriage visas will take 6-8 months

6. NOA2 (Approval notice)

After receiving the 2nd notice, this time you and your fiancé or wife/husband need to prepare civil documents and financial documents. We will kindly remind you and list all of the documents needed.

7. Case Number

National Visa Center (NVC) will send you a notice via email and letter

8. Submit Visa application

submit visa application and wait for the appointment for the interview

9. Get interview date notice

you will get notification via email from US Embassy

10. Medical exam

medical checkup is one of processes that the US Embassy requires. There are only few hospitals that are approved by the US Embassy in Thailand. We will make an appointment for your Fiancé for the medical checkup, together with the documents that the hospital requires. We will ensure that your fiancé/wife/husband will be taken care of at the hospital.

11. Preparing for interview

With all our skills and over ten years experiences, we are aware that many people can get emotional for this interview. We will kindly practice all kind of questions and make sure that your fiancé/wife/husband are ready for the interview. We will kindly guide him/her how to go to the embassy, how to dress up and what to do before and after the interview at the US Embassy in Thailand.

12. Interview date

After The interview, the US consular will keep the passport for 1-2 weeks to issue visa package and send to her via mailing address. They do not allow walk-in pick ups.